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We service, repair & carry out  M.O.T Testing on motor vehicles.

We are also the only Local Garage to Offer CLASS 4 and CLASS 7 MOT and Servicing

Including service & repair for air-conditioning systems  including system cleaning & disinfection.

Courtesy cars are available for local use where available.

Authorized Topgear Tuning Center

We use state of the art equipment, with continuous software development  to provide quality, fully warranted ECU Remapping for your vehicle. The result is increased performance and increased economy. A typical remap takes approximately 90 minutes and we can guarantee that, in conjunction with a few tweaks in your driving style, your business will be performing much better and enjoying huge savings with our Fleet and commercial ECU Remapping solutions.

Approved POWERFLOW Dealer

We are able to offer our custom-built, stainless steel exhaust service at a Grove Garage. Suitable for a wide range of makes and models, our exhaust components can be fitted to almost all types of vehicles, including classic cars, customized vehicles, kit cars, standard cars, 4X4s, rally and race cars, one-off adapted vehicles, trikes, motorhomes, imported vehicles — in other words, just about any type of vehicle that comes already fitted with an exhaust system!