Wheel Alignment

Have you noticed any problems when steering? A vibration or pulling to one side? It may mean that your wheel alignment needs attention. we use specialist equipment to make quick and accurate adjustments to the front wheels of your vehicle why not add this to your next safety inspection?

Wheel alignment is also sometimes referred to as wheel tracking and should be part of standard vehicle maintenance. This involves correcting the angles of the wheels to the suggested position as outlined in a vehicle's manufacturer specification. It contributes to the reduction of tyre wear and to ensure the optimum performance and handling of the vehicle on the road.

All new vehicles are sold with their wheels suitably aligned and adjusted, drivers should undertake initial checks as standard on their new vehicle within the first 3 months; this will minimise the possibility of the tyre specifications drifting outside of the manufacturer's guidelines. Failure to do these checks may lead to unnecessary pulling or wear on the tyre. Drivers might not notice potential defects at first but after time it can cause lasting damage. Common reported side effects are steering vibration and driver fatigue through constant pressure or the vehicle pulling to one side.

Tyre wear is not the only area of the vehicle that can suffer if correct wheel alignment is not set, braking distance, driving quality and even fuel economy are all affected.


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