Engine Management

As more day to day devices are being installed the engine management system has truly become the brain of the vehicle that controls the fuel supply and the ignition by combining the two separate functions into one main system.

The Engine Management System controls the whole of the combustion process, making the engine more effective and less polluting than ever before. The downside is that if it does go wrong it can be very difficult and expensive to put right.

This is when you will need us since it requires specialist knowledge and testing equipment to analyse any faults that may be in the system.

There are several types of system and each manufacturer has their own variation. Diesel engines now also have Engine Management System monitoring the fuel that is being injected.

The system works by using sensors located on the engine. These sensors measure the speed and the temperature of the intake air, the speed and position of the crankshaft. This information is then processed and the result is that of the fuel being delivered to the engine in precisely the correct amount at any given time. This makes the engine more effective, economical, less polluting and more powerful.

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