Chrysler Service

Your Chrysler is in the safe hands of our team of qualified technicians and mechanics - who will deliver Chrysler servicing at the highest standard using the latest equipment and techniques.

 We only use genuine parts which are of "Original Equipment" (OE) quality standard, your warranty will remain protected when serviced here. We can also stamp your Chrysler service book.

Chrysler services

Chysler 300c AllFrom £90
Chysler cherokee2 - 4ltdFrom £90
Chysler Crossfire AllFrom £90
Chysler Grand Cherokee 2 - 4ltdFrom £90
Chysler Grand voyager 2 -.8ltdFrom £90
Chysler Neon 2.0 ltdFrom £90
Chysler Pt Cruiser 2.0LtdFrom £90
Chysler Stratus 2 - 3.5LtdFrom £90
Chysler Voyager 2- 3.8LtdFrom £90
Chysler Voyager 2.0LtdFrom £90
Chysler Wrangler 2.4LtdFrom £90


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