Brakes & Shock Absorber

A range of services to ensure your brakes & shock absorber are running like new

It’s quite easy to tell when your brakes need some attention – squeaking sounds, brakes that stick and any pulling to the side when braking are all signs that your vehicle needs its brakes servicing.

 Shock absorber also produces tell-tale signs that they need maintenance such as a bouncy ride in your car or van, or rattling suspension.

If your vehicle isn’t performing at its best due to issues with its brakes or shock absorber – or both – our mechanics can address those issues out with affordable repairs and soon will have your car in the safest condition to drive again.

We work on all makes and models of vehicle to get them repaired using the best tools and spare parts.

We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services to ensure your brakes and shock absorber are in the best possible condition on leaving our garage. Our mechanics are reliable and can perform necessary servicing, maintenance and repairs at affordable prices.


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